Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Maya and I love to cook, eat, and feed people.  One of my trademark sayings is “dessert is in a different pocket!” Though I have no medical training, I’m pretty positive that there are multiple pockets in your stomach. The dinner pocket, the appetizer pocket, the dark chocolate peanut butter pocket…So you can never be too full for the next course.

This isn’t just a dessert blog though. In fact, I am way more of a “savory over sweet” person.  I actually go back to savory after filling up the dessert pocket. So, you will see all kinds of recipes on here. When I remember to take pictures while I’m cooking that is…I’m so excited to eat the food that I don’t spend as much time photographing it as I probably should. Especially when it’s something super delicious. Best of luck to those most delicious recipes…turns out they don’t make it to the blog too often since I eat them too fast. Oops.

I’m a big fan of making as much food from scratch as I can. It tastes sooo much better, and I’m sure is better for you in the long run even if you do use oil and butter…a lot. Not that we never eat processed food- I can definitely devour an entire bag of Sun Chips or Doritos. But I do try to make most of our weekly meals at home.  It requires a lot of planning and prepping in advance, but it’s worth it.

Here's me, saving my chili shrimp for after the creme brulee! Waitress looked at me like she's never heard of "savory after sweet" before.


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